Green Tea & Weight Loss

Green tea has been cherished for hundreds of years in both Japan and China, both as a lovely beverage and for all of its herbal therapeutic virtues. For the same reasons, green tea has recently become popular in the West as well. Numerous scientific investigations have been conducted to ascertain the validity of its medicinal usage and to understand the precise mechanisms underlying green tea’s potency. Many things have been learned, and one of the most fascinating ones is the connection between green tea and weight loss.


Why is green tea so effective?

There are various links between green tea and weight loss that have been established. It can help suppress appetite and speed up metabolism, which causes the body to burn more calories. It also prevents the body from storing calories as fat. The fact that green tea is inherently calorie-free itself makes reducing weight and drinking green tea easier.

Burn more calories, lose more fat

Research conducted in Switzerland in the 1990s revealed that obese individuals using a green tea supplement while adhering to a regular diet were able to burn more calories than those who weren’t. Green tea works to achieve this by accelerating thermogenesis, the body’s rate of metabolism. Furthermore, studies have shown that people who use green tea to lose weight tend to shed more fat than they would otherwise. In the end, this results in a physique that is considerably healthier.

Eat less

As with any diet plan, the most obvious thing you must do to use green tea to lose weight is to eat fewer calories. Unlike most other diets, green tea works as a natural appetite suppressant, alerting your brain when you are full after eating rather than making you want to eat more than you should.

Replace Other Drinks with Green Tea and Lose Weight Faster

This regimen has the obvious advantage that you can easily lose weight by substituting green tea for your usual drinks! The typical coffee shop beverage has much more calories and fat per gram than you should consume in order to reap the benefits of the caffeine. Although in smaller amounts than coffee, green tea also contains caffeine, which contributes to its health benefits. However, there is enough in it to offer you a small energy boost to get through your early-morning meetings. Like all teas, unsweetened green tea contains no fat and no caffeine.

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