Herbal Remedies For Infants And Children

When our children were younger, we used to seek the advice of our parents or grandparents. Now, we go to our doctors more frequently than not. Unfortunately, our doctors were never taught the time-tested remedies that have been passed down for many years. Here is a partial list of some herbal remedies for children.

Herbal Remedies For Children

  • Consuming fish is a terrific method to stimulate our brain cells, and improve brain function. Make a spread by combining liquid flax seed oil with real butter to give your kids access to important fatty acids, which are a vital component of fish. Use this in the morning on toast or pancakes and waffles and in the evening on potatoes or vegetables.
  • Asthma- Apply lobelia (either liquid or mixed with a carrier such as aloe vera or massage oil) to the chest and rub in.
  • Bed wetting- Give those kids nothing sweet before bed! Grandma used to say this. She thought that consuming too much sweets before bedtime led to bedwetting. Now that I’ve learned about blood sugar surges, I can see that this may have some truth in reality. In addition, try Goldenseal for a week or so to treat any potential kidney infections.
  • Bites & Stings- Make a paste using black cohosh and aloe vera and apply to the area. It will help to take out the sting.
  • Chicken Pox- External application of Pau D’Arco may lessen pain and hasten healing.
  • Colic- Colic could be the result of an allergy. Chocolate, onions, caffeine, garlic, broccoli, sugar, cauliflower, and dairy should be avoided by mothers who are nursing. If not, the baby’s nutrition needs to be changed. Today, the soles of the feet and the abdomen can be treated with lavender essential oil that has been diluted with aloe vera or massage oil. Until the crying ceases, a few drops of catnip can be administered every few minutes.
  • Diaper Rash- Probiotic capsules can be opened, mixed with a little water, and given to a baby. Aloe vera can be added to this to make a bottom application.
  • Diarrhea- Another potential offender of that milk. Make sure neither the infant nor the mother (if she is breastfeeding) consumes any cow’s milk. Goat milk frequently solves the problem on its own. A few drops of Red Raspberry every three to four hours are another option.
  • Earaches- Use garlic oil or tea tree oil as drops inside the ear.
  • Whooping cough (and other coughs)- Milk and other dairy products can either cause or aggravate whooping cough. It was frequently sufficient to apply lobelia to the chest and/or take a few drops of blue vervain internally.

Try some of these natural health recommendations, and perhaps someday your grandchildren and children will pass them on.

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