Evening Primrose Oil And Health Benefits

Origins of Evening Primrose

The evening primrose is a native of North America. The flowers only open at night from June through October and have a potent, sweet aroma. For hundreds of years, evening primrose has been utilized to treat a variety of skin and muscle conditions. Many Native American tribes learned that the entire plant is edible and that it may be utilized for both daily use and as a painkiller. It is a recognized PMS treatment in Europe. According to legend, evening primrose has astringent and sedative qualities in both its bark and leaves. It has been shown to be a successful treatment for gastro-intestinal conditions, asthma, and persistent or whooping coughs.

Treatments For Evening Primrose

Omega 6 and other necessary amino acids are abundant in evening primrose. Essential fatty acids generate electrical currents and magnetize oxygen. Once within the body, amino acids and essential amino acids are converted into prostaglandins, which are hormone-like compounds that reduce allergic reaction and inflammation.

Arteriosclerosis, decreasing blood cholesterol, asthma, allergies, PMS, headaches, rheumatoid arthritis, water retention, breast pain, depression, coughing, irritability, and the prevention of benign prostatic hypertrophy can all be treated with evening primrose oil. Additionally, it can stimulate the liver, spleen, and digestive system.

Additionally, multiple sclerosis, hyperactivity, brittle nails, dermatitis, brittle hair, brittle nails, peripheral neuropathy, and liver damage brought on by alcohol have all been successfully treated with evening primrose oil. Evening primrose is currently being evaluated for its efficacy in treating a number of additional diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease, breast cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and stomach ulcers.

Using Evening Primrose

Even while researchers claim that studies on evening primrose have proved promising, there is currently insufficient evidence to draw firm conclusions. Omega-6 has been linked to reports of causing seizures in those who are seizure susceptible. Therefore, people with seizure disorders should only consume omega-6 supplements of any kind when under the care and supervision of a medical professional.

The best evening primrose, which is available as carrier oil, has 10.3% gamma linolenic acid and 75% linoleic acid. Every part of the body can benefit from evening primrose. Use it as a base to create a therapeutic blend of essential oils for your particular condition or use it as a body and face treatment to cure acne, dry skin, scars, discolored skin, and irritation. Of course, it can also be taken by itself to have positive therapeutic effects. Evening primrose is a lovely floral plant that also serves as a priceless therapeutic emollient for overall health.