Jasmine Essential Oil For Aromatherapy

Jasmine oil

The Jasmine flower is one of the oldest and most commonly used fragrance flowers. It is a robust evergreen shrub with brilliant green foliage and white star-shaped flowers.

Only at night are the jasmine flowers in blossom, hence only at night are they manually harvested. Jasmine essential oil is steam distilled from its blooms because it is the most delicate and sensitive. Since a lot of jasmine petals are needed to make only one ounce of essential oil, it is incredibly rare, priceless, and in high demand.

Why Use Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine is valued as a potent antidepressant, aphrodisiac, and confidence-boosting properties that work to benefit the body. Egyptians use jasmine tea to treat nerve problems, insomnia, and headaches, while the Chinese regularly drink it and use it to purify the air in hospital rooms.

Jasmine, thought to have aphrodisiac properties, has been employed in a variety of ceremonies across cultures. Massage oils with a jasmine basis can be counted on to produce a romantic atmosphere thanks to their sensually rich and exotic perfume.
Despite its high cost, jasmine oil is beneficial for the skin. It promotes cell growth, improves skin suppleness, and speeds up the recovery from mild to moderate burns. As it aids in lowering worries, it is particularly useful for persons experiencing signs of apathy and exhaustion. Sprains and muscle spasms are also helped by it.

With all of its therapeutic benefits, jasmine also functions as an antibacterial, an anti-inflammatory, and a sedative. It is used as a foundation oil for mixing other essential oils. It boosts the body’s natural healing process when combined with herbs like Clary sage, geranium, lemon balm, rose, rosewood, and sandalwood, making it essential in the field of aromatherapy.
When applied to the abdomen during the later stages of labor, jasmine essential oil helps to strengthen uterine contractions and reduce pain.

Jasmine Oil Recipes

For stimulating bath oil, try this oil – 1/2 cup soy oil, 5 drops of jasmine essential oil, 3 drops of juniper essential oil and the contents from 4 – 5 vitamin E capsules.

Give yourself a massage using the materials listed below: 8 teaspoons grape seed oil, 6 drops of jasmine essential oil, 2 each of tea tree and neroli oil, and 6 drops of neroli oil. The oil should be warmed up before use.

Combine 2 drops of rosemary, 2 drops of lavender, 2 drops of clary sage, and 2 drops of jasmine absolute to 1/2 ounce of base oil to make a calming and revitalizing hair oil for the scalp.