Alternative Medicine to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Alternative medicine for lower blood pressure

As an alternative to prescription medications, home remedies and homeopathic medicine have started to be popular over the years. Many people are not aware that alternative medicine to lower the blood pressure are also available. The reduced cost and avoidance of the adverse side effects of prescription drugs is what is good about a home remedy. Another advantage of home remedies is that, while it may be used to treat one symptom, it also has several health benefits. It is possible to find several home remedies in your nearest supermarket and health food shop.

If you suffer from high blood pressure, here are a few home remedies. These remedies will not only lower your blood pressure but are good for your general health too.

Home remedies to help lower your blood pressure:

Potassium and Magnesium. Foods high in these minerals are bananas, molasses, soy and bananas. Some fruits such as watermelon and grapes are also a good source. Not only will these foods lower your blood pressure but are beneficial to your overall health too.

Garlic has many beneficial properties that improve overall health, including lowering your blood pressure. Consumption of garlic will also reduce blot clot occurrences in individuals. It is believed by some researches that garlic will also lower the triglyceride levels.

Triclyceride? What are triglycerides…

Therefore, you are probably wondering what a triglyceride is. A triglyceride is a glyceride that occurs naturally in tissues and consists of three fatty acids that are bound together in a single molecule. They are an important energy source forming much of the fat stored in the body.

Other helpful ideas

Of course stress can have a huge effect on your blood pressure. Eliminating or minimizing the amount of stress in your life can have an impact on your blood pressure levels. You may want to consider massage therapy. Massage helps to improve circulation therefore can lower blood pressure. It is also a great source for relaxation to assist with destressing.

I find it also important to stress a healthy diet and lifestyle to lower blood pressure. You want to limit you salt/sodium intake. Processed food is loaded with sodium…so stay away. Fresh fruit and vegetables are needed in your diet.

You can research on how to lower your blood pressure using home remedies in many ways. The internet has a wealth of information dedicated to home remedies and alternative medicine to lower your blood pressure. Bookstores and libraries also offer an abundance of information. With a little research, you can find alternatives to prescription drugs for lowering your blood pressure.

As with any alternative health remedies, consult with your physician before discontinuing any prescribed medicines. Abruptly taking your prescription medicine could have serious and long-term effects on your health.

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